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Frequently asked questions

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  • How does Taurus work?
    Taurus is a sophisticated yet simple to use workflow that makes TB testing fast, simple and productive. It incorporates two key elements – a web-based Portal for assigning tasks, collating, processing and analysing data, and a mobile app for in-the-field data collection. The beauty is in the flexibility – you can install the app on your existing mobile device, or purchase one of our fit for purpose, ruggedised handhelds. The Portal can be accessed from any web browser, anywhere, giving you complete flexibility in where and when you can download and assign tests. The app features pre-built forms for quick data entry, the ability to scan and record ear tag information for animal identification, and can take photographs too. Data is immediately uploaded to the Portal, allowing for real-time progress monitoring.
  • How is Taurus different from what I use now?
    The benefits of Taurus are numerous and varied. From a hardware perspective, there’s no requirement to purchase expensive, out of date data loggers. You can use your own device, and it’s a completely wireless operation. Taurus is a mobile app – easy to install, quick to learn, with an intuitive and clear layout. This means minimal training is required to get you up and running. The data you collect is stored in the cloud, in an EU-based server –so you are reassured your data is safe, and that a copy is always available in case of hardware failure or damage. The modern workflow is designed to be simple and staright forward providing live reporting as you go, regular progress updates, and no requirement for expensive, desktop barcode readers.
  • Who is Taurus designed for?
    Taurus has been designed with vets, for vets who regularly carry out TB testing. Because of this, we know the pain points and frustrations with your existing setup. Taurus is fully compliant with the latest Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) Inconclusive Reactor Policy, and with software updates available online, you can be assured that the software conforms to the very latest DAFM regulations.
  • Is Taurus expensive?
    In a word, no. Taurus costs from as little as €0.68 per day and renewals are cheaper than our competitors! The highly efficient workflow means more productive working, no animals missed, no wasted journeys – allowing you to keep vets in the field for longer – increasing your testing revenue and minimising expenses.
  • Is my data secure?
    The data you collect is stored both on your collection device and in our cloud-based storage system (requires live internet access). This automatic back-up ensures that if your mobile device fails or is lost or damaged, you experience no loss of data – you simply transfer your licence to the new device and pick up where you left off. Our cloud storage system is EU-based, so you know your data is in safe hands.
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