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Modernising TB testing

Taurus is a purpose-built software solution designed with vets that lets you record TB testing results quickly and accurately.


With real-time data collection and wireless transfer of data directly to your private online portal, Taurus minimises time spent in the office and removes the need for manual transfer of test results from data collection devices to desktop computers - keeping vets in the field for longer.

Minimal training is required to get started with Taurus thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly mobile app which can be used on any Android or iOS device or on one of our ruggedised data loggers. 

Taurus is fully compliant with the latest DAFM 2021 Inconclusive Reactor Policy keeping you up to date with the latest Department guidelines.


Built to work

With Taurus there is no need to visit the office to download herd profiles or upload results, everything is done from your device or the Taurus online Portal. 


Work anywhere at any time to collect accurate real-time data, even without cellular coverage or Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Record clinical notes and capture photographs of issues for practice records. Scan animal ear tags and check Cattle Identity Cards using your device's camera or barcode reader. 

Monitor your testing progress as you go with our live in-app reporting. Our full end-of-day reporting tells you exactly what has been recorded and highlights reactor and inconclusive animals.

Key Features

Real-time data collection and transfer...

  • Automatic transfer of data to and from the practice

  • Fully wireless – stay in the field

  • Never have to plug into computer

Easy to use data entry...

  • Get going in just a few minutes

  • Tutorials to guide your every step

Online web portal for work allocation and processing...

  • Automated workflows and reporting saving valuable time

  • Full reporting of all clinical notes captured with photographs

Live reporting of animals inspected against number of animals in herd...

  • Monitor progress as you go

  • No animals missed – easily add new animals not on testing profile

  • End of day reports focused on minimising return trips

Works on any Android or iOS Device...

  • Provides the best flexibility with modern devices

  • With over-the-air updates your software is always up to date

  • No need to send equipment back for updates

Hardware options to suit you...

  • Use you own device or buy one from our web shop

  • Easily transfer your licence to another device

  • No need for expensive data loggers

Automated Cattle Identity Card Checking...

  • Quick and easy reporting of missed animals

  • On-farm or at the practice

Sign off your own tests...

  • Coming Soon – live data sign-off

  • No need to upload via website

Key Features

Ready to go

Simply buy your licence and then download your software from the Apple or Google store to your phone, tablet or field data device.

Use your own iOS or Android hardware or choose our field-ready ruggedised data collection device with software pre-loaded.

Once you've purchased your licence you can quickly set up the Taurus Portal - your online communication hub between the field vet and the practice office.

How to Buy
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