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Why Taurus

Taurus replaces the pain and cost of existing TB testing procedures with a streamlined, efficient and affordable workflow.


Process more animals, increase testing revenue and sign off tests on site - everything is done on one device without the need to travel to the office to upload and process data. You still have the option to proces the data in the office.

Scroll down to see how Taurus compares to existing methods of TB testing.


The Old Way vs. The New Way


Hours spent every week travelling to and from the practice to download/upload herd profiles


Wireless data transfer to and from the field means fewer trips to the office


Slow laborious data entry adds additional time to every TB inspection


Modern efficient data entry with full support for microchip and barcode readers combined with live test progress monitoring and reporting saves you time where it really matters


Manual data upload with slow transfer speeds using leads and file drops adds more time to the end of your day


Real time uploading of data means test results are already transferred to your private online portal before leaving the farm


Data lost due to equipment failure means re-testing - doubling time and effort


Real time cloud back up with hot swap to another device - pick up where you left off


Expensive annual licensing and hardware costs for obsolete technology means greater annual cost of ownership and higher likelihood of failures


Substantially reduced licensing costs with modern iOS and Android apps can be used on existing compatible data collectors or purchase one from our range


Practice IT at greater risk of cyber-attack due to technologies no longer supported by Microsoft.


Modern, fully supported hardware and software provides the very latest protection from cyber threats

Old vs. New
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