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Taurus Software

Taurus software is comprised of two elements: a mobile app for in field data collection and a web-based portal for assigning tasks and analysing data. The results of inspections are available in real time in the Taurus portal only to named users in your practice, keeping your data safe and secure.

All data collected is stored in a secure cloud-based server and is always available to download in the event of hardware failure or damage (requires live internet access). 

Taurus is fully compliant with the latest Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) Inconclusive Reactor Policy, and with live software updates included as standard, you can be assured you are meeting the very latest DAFM requirements.

Taurus app
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Taurus App

The  Taurus app streamlines the on-farm data collection workflow.


The Job Manager displays all herd tests allocated with immediate visualisation of testing progress. The Day1 and Day2 data collection workflows are simplified using Animal Cards which display details of the animal together with its Day1 measurements and Day2 readings. This allows for rapid entry of data and provides real time monitoring of numbers tested against the total number of animals. Clinical notes can be quickly added and photos can also be taken if required.


Our End of Day reporting ensures all animals on the herd profile are accounted for meaning no animals missed and costly re-visits avoided. Reactors and Inconclusive animals are immediately identified in line with the latest DAFM Inconclusive Reactor Policy.

Vets who prefer to allocate their own work can use their data collection device to download the Herd Profile directly from the DAFM Portal and process it immediately in the Taurus app bypassing the need to use the Taurus Portal.

Taurus Portal

The web-based Taurus Portal manages all of the workflows associated with TB Testing.


Once the herd profile has been downloaded from the DAFM website, simply drop the file into the Portals job allocation box and assign it to a vet. The portal takes care of the rest including:

  • automatically allocating the name of the test (using name and herd number)

  • sending an email to the specified vet to inform them a job has been allocated

  • providing real time visualisation of testing progress with four live progress cards

  • sending email reminders the day before the Day2 reading is due

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Taurus portal
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